all right what’s up everyone so today I’m gonna be restoring this pair of blue suede fives I’m gonna do a deep clean on them with rejuvenator I’m gonna touch up a few scuffs on the Mitchells alright let’s get right into this so first I’m gonna start by inserting shoe trees into the shoes this helps them go back to the original form while you’re doing the deep clean process there’s one shoe ,cheap jordan 11,so I got both of them in now now I can begin cleaning I’m going to remove the shoelaces so they don’t get in the way while I’m clean you just set those on the side and then remove the shoelaces off of the other shoe they set those on the side also now we’re ready to begin our cleaning process so we’re gonna take a wool of hot soapy water and we’re gonna pair shoelaces in them .

we’ll let those soak for a few hours and they should get all the dirt out of him and now I’m gonna take another bowl of hot water and I’m gonna pour Snuka cleaning solution in there then today I’m gonna be using rejuvenator ,cheap jordan shoes,I’ll leave a link to their products in the description of this video so once you have everything prepared you’re gonna get your brush to clean them with I’m gonna be using a suede or soft bristle brush because anything harder and it’ll damage the suede during the cleaning process and start scrubbing in circular motions .

so it doesn’t damage the suede I’ll see you guys in a minute when I’m done cleaning the first shoe I’m going to clean the soles with a stiff bristle brush I’m gonna let the first shoe dry while I clean the second shoe so I’m gonna set it on the side here,cheap jordans, I’m gonna start the second shooters do the same process scrub in circular motions once again so you don’t damage the suede and I’ll see you guys in a minute when I’m done with the second shoe so here are both shoes fully cleaned .

I’ve let them air dry for about two hours here’s the right shoe soles are looking pretty good uppers are looking pretty good and here’s the left shoe I’ll let these dry a little bit longer and then I’m gonna put the laces in now that both shoes are cleaned and dried I’m gonna lace them back up you there’s once you fully completes there are both shoes fully laced up I’m pretty happy with these results hopefully