I passed on this weekend was drop which was the 13 low the blow this weekend I thought the price point is a little high I see a lot of the usual suspects did indeed pick them up I did not pick up evidence alright so what we have here take a look at this the air jordan son of lo this your usual boss this is a shoe that has had two cop had to get it first on my flight images of it I knew I wasn’t gonna pass it up definitely it slept on shoe or Jordan Brand made a ton of these.

but I got these easily want to say I got them on finish line there was no way we didn’t get any of the usual messages didn’t get any usual messages and this shoe it’s fire to me I think this is amazing elephant print that tumbled leather not nearly as tumble that were used to seeing but still pretty good I think let’s take a look so that’s really not bad tumbled but definitely a nice letter was given to sniff test and it smells good ,cheap jordan 11,but it’s most leather so I mean that’s good the thumbprint would have been nice to have the air right under the John man but this is cool I think the Rebs I think the spec long the Rebs Pikul it was nice I think it kind of gets it that that Jordan for fear no tag behind the tongue that’s kind of a bummer that have been cool to have that and not sure if that’s 3m but I think it is I just do a quick review on this again wasn’t a big top of the shoe ,cheap jordan 11 low,but I don’t care because I love that Jordan three kind of profile take a look at the I mean glue looks pretty decent nothing really huge a little bit of a hiccup on the cutting there but nothing significant.

yeah let me know what you guys think you guys pick these up you know I think I mention in my last video I’ve heard a few people try to clown on the physics and the son of Mars brands stuffing a silly have anything else I think this is a dope-ass shoot a plan probably it plays like a four ,jordan 11 china,then I’ll play in these but if anything else I think it’s just a dope shoe it’s my opinion so thought I’d do a quick review on this let me know what you guys think let me know buddy picked them up and you know I always say where would you wear what you’d like and forget everybody else right it’s not always about – alright I’m out you guys take it easy and your thumbs up I appreciate it and if not I’m cool with that as well all right take it easy bye